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​Dr. Lorenzo Borselli.


​Formación Académica.

Licenciatura: en Geología, Universidad de Florencia. 1989

Doctorado: Ciencia de Suelos, Universidad de Florencia, 1998

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Líneas de Investigación.

Slope stability computation advanced  algorithms and search engines for critical slip surfaces.

Soil and Rocks Mechanics.

Geomaterials modelling for geohazard assessments.

Global optimization algorithms and their application in earth sciences, hydrology and soil/rock Mechanics.

Soil Erosion and soil Hydrology modelling.

Soil conservation technology.

Fuzzy mathematical techniques applied to manage parametric uncertainty in erosion and hydrology modeling, slope stability and slope failure processes.

Soil Erosion by Tillage: modeling and advanced measurement techniques.

Producción Científica.

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